Sunday, September 13, 2009

all the things you were
you weren't those to me
and although time has passed
i still feel exactly same
that no one will love you the way i did
i gave you everything and expected nothing in return
and now that you're gone
you're giving me more than you ever did
perhaps its the memories
remembering how i made you
i miss that. the glamour, the allure,
absolute devotion.
i miss the you i made
completely incomplete
that's how i feel
without you, your voice so near
the times you held me close
used me cause you could
cause i let you

and i'm afraid i would again
just to feel that again
the feelings i'm still running from
we're alive is what we said
lived by.
no one will love you the way i did
the way i sometimes do
i can picture it perfectly.

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